Alexandria Film Festival

November 10th, 2010 ~ 12:16 am

This weekend I got to go to the Alexandria Film Festival. The screening coincided with my Dad’s birthday, so I went to Maryland for a visit.

The screening was Friday night. After a nice dinner with the fam, we met up with friends at the theater. The organizers took care of us. Melanie and Benji arrived and we chatted briefly before they got started. One of the organizers introduced us to the audience and then the movie began. There was a lot of laughter throughout. Not that I didn’t expect it, but it’s so nice to be in an audience that is clearly enjoying the movie. Watching it this time around I took more notice of various extras in the movie, just to see what people were doing. I’ve seen it 4 times now. My dad said it seemed like a slightly different edit than they saw in NY, and I felt like something was different too. I don’t know if it was though, or if watching it again just felt different. DB might have made minor tweaks since this summer when I saw it last. Films in the festival circuit are sometimes adjusted as they go along. It’s fairly common. Then they often go through another round after they get distribution – even more common. I will have to ask DB if he did or if we just had a new experience watching it again.

During the Q&A I got the theater to sing my dad Happy Birthday, which was cool. There were some good questions about the filming and casting and developing the characters. It was a great crowd and I think most everyone there stayed for the Q&A since it was pretty full.

Then we moved on to the reception across the courtyard at a little cafe. They had snacks and drinks. We took lots of pictures with people. I caught up with my high school friend who lives in DC and met my boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend. (got that?) I found out Benji got funding for his movie he was working on when we were shooting, so that’s super exciting for him. He’s probably going to shoot a bunch of it back in Illinois too! It sounds like a really fun, touching story with awesome visuals – and of course awesome dance numbers. Hopefully they’ll be shooting before the end of next year.

We didn’t stay super late since we had to drive back to Maryland. It was really nice to get to see Melanie and Benji again.

On Saturday night Leading Ladies played in Massachusetts at the Out for Reel festival. Nicole made it to that one and got to see some friends and family (presumably) since she is from MA.

It also played at the Starz Denver Film Festival Saturday and Sunday to sold out theaters. They have added another screening for this Sunday, so if you live near Denver you can still catch it. There are lovely pictures of that up at the Leading Ladies facebook page. Shannon, Two-E, Erika and Dan were all there. Two-E is one of the rad break dancers.

I ended up not really taking any pictures for myself on my trip, so, no pics until I track some down from the people who had the cameras.

The film also played in Italy, but alas, none of us were there. Hope they enjoyed the movie!

Next up for the movie is Chicago on Thursday this week, then Denver again on Sunday, then St. Louis on Nov 20.

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**funny side note- Saturday morning I came downstairs to find my sister’s roommate wearing the same PJ’s we are wearing during a montage bit in the movie. I wore the bottoms and Nikki wore the top- it’s the part where she was rubbing my feet. They have birds flying out of cages all over them, so they are easy to recognize.

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