Replica, 1st weekend

November 15th, 2010 ~ 11:31 pm

Friday I was needed for the ending shot of the movie so I went down to Norwalk in the afternoon. It’s only half the distance to Orange, so it didn’t take too long and traffic wasn’t terrible. We were shooting in a medical building down there.

When I got there I met up with the wardrobe person and we realized I wasn’t aware of the plan for the last scene. We spent a while trying on a bunch of combinations of things I had brought and things she happened to have. I brought outfits that worked more for the rest of the movie, and we needed practically the opposite. Eventually we found a combo that worked and made the director happy. Shooting was a bit behind so I had some down time but we got the two shots we needed before they had to be finished. We were also able to decide on exactly what I’d be wearing for Sunday so I wouldn’t need to bring as much.

Sunday I was needed all day. I wore my sweet pleather motorcycle looking jacket. I basically just have it for shoots since I got it too small for a project a while back and it’s not terribly comfortable to wear regularly. But it looks cool, so it’s good for costumes. We got a new set of lines right before shooting, but it’s a really short scene, so we just ran them a few times while they were setting stuff up.

After that scene I was basically done for a few hours while they shot the next scene. I forgot a book, but there were enough crew around to chat with. There was a freshman there helping with the fight choreography. I was like- Whoa. You are my Nephew’s age. Weird. Then makeup fellow and the wardrobe girl, both at least older than my nephew. We talked about tattoos and horrific injuries. Also movies, because, you know, movie set. I also talked to two Korean girls who were really familiar with and/or worked on a bunch of awesome Korean films I’ve seen. Like one of the directors had been a professor at one of their undergrad schools. Another was good friends with the “Good” guy from The Good, The Bad and The Weird. (A wonderful fun movie.) The other had worked on the set of A Bittersweet Life. Excellent fights in that one.

Anyway… Eventually they needed me again for some roughhousing. Well, I get grabbed by a security guard clone, but he’s big and tough.

A bit later I finally took off my jacket and noticed that the pleather on the back had stretched too much and split. Dang it! Oh well. It’s like 4 years old and cheap. Guess I’m on the lookout for a new bitchin’ leather jacket. I don’t need it for the rest of the shoot, so it’s not a big deal. Just annoying because I liked it.

I was in the last shot of the day so once we got that we were done. They had to cut some shots for time, but they got the most important stuff and I was done in under 12 hours, so not bad.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project with all the effects put in. I think it’s going to come out really nice. I got to watch a short the director had done with one of the other actors there (he brought his laptop). It takes place on mars. It was really good. Good use of visuals and camera work too.

We shoot again this weekend.

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