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December 19th, 2010 ~ 2:01 pm

I’ve been busy this week, so I’m behind on blogging.

Last Friday afternoon we started the shoot on the sound stage over at LMU. They built a rad dojo set.
I got a call around 3 to see if I could come out early because they were really truckin’. I was already about to leave. I was like, “well, if traffic treats me well, then yeah, I can come early. Otherwise, I will be on time.” It was in between so i got there a half hour early.

We’d done a bit of rehearsal during the week, but I wasn’t doing a lot of stuff so it was pretty easy. Two kicks and a struggle basically. They had 2 cameras available, so they could get more shots quickly. The set was great, though I guess the lacquer on the floorboards wasn’t fully dried, so the other actor’s socks got all brown. Doh! Probably won’t actually see that on camera though. Everything went really quickly. We had to pause between takes after me and the other actor kiss because I had this lip gloss on and they had to wipe it off him each time so he wouldn’t be all sparkly.

At the end I changed into another outfit, i forget what they are called. Not a kimono, but like the uniform you wear in martial arts classes. I was kneeling but by then the floor was mostly dry so it didn’t get on the pants. Then I was finished and they just had to do the blood effects on the actor that got killed in the scene. I didn’t end up sticking around for that because I was really tired and had my office Christmas party that night. By the time I got home though, I was too tired and skipped it. Oh well.

We’ll reconvene in January to finished up the shoot. I have 2 other scenes to do.

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