Neck cracker

June 19th, 2009 ~ 3:31 am

I got woken up a little before 2:00 to be picked up for my physical therapy, which in my head was at 2:30. so i got there late, but I saw him right away and he massaged my neck and throat and shoulders. It was incredibly painful, especially my upper throat area where my glands (nodes?) were still a bit enlarged. Then at the end he cracked my neck back into place. Presumably. It did seem like a satisfying crack and when I left i felt like my muscles were started to release. Yay!

It’s not all better yet, but at least it was better enough that it wasn’t preoccupying my thoughts constantly. I think with my massage scheduled for this afternoon my muscles will release that section of my neck. I still can’t fully turn my head left. But overall I do feel better and less stressed about it. Yay!

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