'Day' 20 – Cars and Ghosts

June 20th, 2009 ~ 10:19 pm

We got started on Thursday evening at around 6 pm. Benji and I had a scene in a car that supposed to be outside the pizza place. Since we were hit by the storm earlier in the week, we picked it up in a nondescript alley before the sun went down that night. It was really fun. Props dept. made a little Ken doll into a mini Cedric to sit on the dashboard. it was super cute. I change my clothes in the back seat during the scene, but you never really see more than a sports bra, if that. Then after the cut I’d change my shirts back next to the car. I was pretty whatever about privacy. Hell, it’s a sports bra- it’s almost an undershirt. The scene went smoothly and was fun do to.

Then we moseyed back on over to the house to do more car stuff and the rest of the kitchen scenes.

They considered making it rain for the car scene out in front of the house, but it obscured the view through the windshield too much, so they went with just a wet look. The scene went pretty well. It was a little difficult because my head was still not turning all the way left yet and I was in the passenger seat. Doh! But I could angle my shoulder back and that worked.
It was so hot and humid that night it felt like walking into a sauna when you walked outside. We were happy to be done with the car scene asap.

We go back in at the end and there was talk of Shannon having seen someone in the window while we were out there. I didn’t see anything, but she saw some shadows in the window. then Nicole said she saw something weird the night before. Then later Keeley was positive that a ghost had scratched her on the back at some point, and I think she worked out in the sweltering heat that night for a while. I found it sort of amusing. Not that I don’t believe ghosts can exist, but I can think of a million other things that she may have scratched herself on than a ghost. But who knows. The house used to be a hospice or something so all the doors and fixtures are designed to accommodate a person in a wheel chair. The master shower was really confusing until I found that out because the tiles slope up into it, so it looks like the water would run out onto the floor.

Anyway, aside from the ghosty paranoia, things went pretty well. We had the outer glass ball on the ktichen lamp shatter, but Dan ‘the man’ Leasure produced a replacement in like less than a half hour. And this is in the middle of the night! So we were able to shoot the scene after the car and before the fight in the bathroom scene. I was starting to get a scratchy voice, but I only had like one line left to say by then.

After that we did the big off screen fight with Shannon and Melanie and I am the only one on screen in the kitchen. It’s pretty cute. Then we make a mad dash out the door. Melanie yells after us, so every few minutes she’s opening the door yelling- ‘No secrets from your mother!’ at like 5 AM. I wonder what the neighbors think.

We wrapped about 6 AM.

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