Haircut day and almost a Tornado!

June 20th, 2009 ~ 10:45 pm

Friday was the big point of no return. I had my hair appointment at 6:45 to chop off my long locks and trade it in for a chic little short cut.

First I had a massage scheduled at 5 pm, and I ended up taking a nap until right before Matt picked me up. We went to Body Works in Champaign and I got a nice relaxing hour long massage. By then my neck had been loosening up so this wasn’t as painful.

Shannon was dropped off by her folks at the massage place and I forgot to call for a ride back. I got a hold of Raquel and Keeley for a ride to Ippatsu for my hair apt. By then it was raining pretty hard with lightening. They sort of found the place, as best as you could since it’s tucked away. So I go around the building and get picked up. I’m starving at this point since I overslept on my nap. We spot a Steak & Shake and order at the drive through. Then as Raquel is rolling up the windows the Tornado Sirens start going off! We aren’t sure what to do so we parked and ran inside. A few people seemed concerned, but most did not. I asked to pay for my drive through meal there at the counter, since I was there anyway. By then the sirens had turned off. I asked and a lady said that probably means all clear. We took that as our cue to skedaddle.

I got to the hair apt. a little late, but Rebecca was already cutting Erika’s hair so it was fine timing wise. She finished up with Erika’s hair and put me in the seat. We were about to get started when we saw Gretchen and Nicole running over in the rain. We waited for them so they could see the whole thing. She divided it into 2 sections and chopped them off. I felt like I was was going down a roller coaster- Weeeeee! There they went. Off to Locks of Love! then she washed it and cut it. She asked if I wanted to start with it up to my mouth and see from there, and I’m like- ‘Nah, just go for it, up to my nose.’ If I’m gonna do it I should go all out, right? So she does the initial cut, then the drying then more shaping then flipping the part and more shaping, etc. She’s really good at hair cuts, guys.

The finished product was a work of art. I seriously look very different with this new hair. I LOVE it. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to long hair. It’s awesome.

Once we were finished I staged my Top Model breakdown so I could post it for my boyfriend, and anyone else who might get a kick out of it. Near the end I was smiley and then I just laugh, but I got a good bit in at the front that looked like I really hated it. He he he. Delightful.

After that we met up with DB and some more of the Beahms for tapas and drinks at Radio Maria (where the music was ridiculously loud, but oh well the food is great.) Then the girls went back to Ippatsu to hang out a bit more and finish the wine from earlier. By the end of the night the rain had stopped.

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