Palm Springs International Film Festival

January 16th, 2011 ~ 4:39 pm

Wednesday was the big Gala day. We arrived at the Renaissance Hotel to get our passes around 2:30. The program was like a giant catalog sized book. (We got a whole page spread for just our movie!) We grabbed a complimentary soda and then picked up some tickets I’d ordered for the couple we were staying with. Our friends’ parents live out there so we crashed at their place.

We met up with E & D at a restaurant and had a drink. Then we went to their hotel to change and get ready.

The festival had a social hour at the hotel so we went over there to chat with folks.

We met some people who work at the festival or other festivals around the country. We met a distribution guy who’d worked on a bunch of stuff I knew. I bet we knew some of the same people, or at least one degree of separation, because he’d working on various horror films in the past and I have friends who are pretty involved in that scene.

Nikki got there with a couple of friends, but since they were not passholders they couldn’t come in. we decided to head over to the theater at the museum anyway so they could set up the merchandise table and we could talk to the crowd. It was at least a half hour before the movie and the line was already up around the stairs and to the parking lot. As it got closer the line went down the street.

I walked down the line with Erika talking to the people and handing out tattoos. Everyone was really friendly and excited for the film.
The line started moving and Nikki wasn’t there yet (she’d gone to grab some food), so we left her tix at the box office. It was too cold to wait outside. Jeff was running the merch table, but it was close to start time so we went in and found seats. Nikki got there right after that.

Erika and Dan said a bit before the movie and then it started.

What an audience! Seriously, they were the best I’ve seen it with so far. Wonderfully boisterous. So much laughter and applause during the film. They got every joke. They cried in the sad scenes. It was so great to see such a response in such a big crowd. I’m not sure it officially sold out Wednesday, but it was really close if not. Afterward we did a Q&A over the credits since they are fairly long and we didn’t want people to leave before we got up there. I heard 2 stories I hadn’t heard before. unfortunately I forgot Jeff was at the march table so I didn’t get any footage from after the movie.

Heading out of the theater a few people had us sign their tickets. I still have a terrible signature. Oh well. Makes it unique.

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