Day 21 – Filming in the Sauna

June 22nd, 2009 ~ 8:55 pm

Oh man. Saturday.

Didn’t sleep well – woke up from 4:30-7:30 am. Arg! Switching from nights to days is hard.

Call was 11:30 so I got picked up early by Rebecca to get my hair done for the big reveal. We finished early so we drove around the area of the school for a bit and checked out all the fallen tree branches from the night before.

The set was at Franklin Middle School. there is a stage in the gym so it was perfect, layout wise. Temperature wise it was a sauna. The day was hot and muggy and the gym was even hotter and muggier after a few hours with those lights on. Yikes! Luckily my big reveal was first so I wasn’t drenched in sweat yet.

I gotta give mad props to the extras who stuck around through all the heat and sat in the gym for hours. It was brutal. I hadn’t eaten much and the pants were fairly tight on me so I got lightheaded pretty early. Bleh. I had to sit and try to take deep breaths between takes. they brought an ice pack for my neck, which helped. Things were somewhat slow going all day because of the size of the venue and the sweltering heat. People were really spread out so when something was needed it took longer to get and people were still exhausted from trying to swap their sleep schedule, etc. It was a rough day for all.

First up was my bad ass reveal. Yay. Then we went into the gym and did all the scenes with the check in stuff first. The ladies playing Mimi and Missy were delightful. They kept in it and their energy was great take after take. Amy (Mimi), known for her role as Hot Mom from Bill & Ted’s, is getting her PhD at U of I. She was rad.

Lunch made me feel tons better. Not only because I got to sit in AC for a while, but getting food helped me not feel so light headed.

After lunch was the second half of the competition scene so all the judges had to sit up on stage in their heavy suits. Sorry guys! At least the ladies didn’t have to wear suits too. The extras hung in there and we finished out the scene. By then it was end of day and we missed the dancing, the hallway and the bathroom scene. Doh! This ended up adding a day to the schedule. Luckily the school let us come back! And we managed to get all the big stuff with lots of extras done, which was important that day.

Cute stories of the day- When Benji arrived there was this cute kid named Matthew (I think) that was a big fan and told him how much he liked his choreography work. Soo cute! So Benji signed his sides for him later that day and then Matthew signed Benji’s call sheet with something adorably grown up and charming. There was also another little girl who was my hair cut buddy, called Genevive I think. She had long long hair and then cut it off the day before for Locks of Love, same day I did! She was the daughter of a friend of Markas and they were super sweet.

Oddly enough that wasn’t the most stressful day for me, even though I was wearing a heavy jacket in a gym that was probably over 100°, and rapidly losing my voice. It was like a 7 on the stressfull scale, toothbrush tango night being the 10. It was certainly 10 on the discomfort scale. The poor extras and crew were in there most of the day. Brutal! And we left knowing we’d have to come back and dance next time! Yikes!

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