Day 22 – The Return to the Hospital

June 22nd, 2009 ~ 9:53 pm

Though I set my alarm, I apparently didn’t acknowledge it because I got a call from Melanie at noon wondering where I was. Asleep is where I was instead of in the shuttle. Awesome. I feel woozy and stumble around like I’m drugged. I quickly regain my bearings and throw myself together. By the time I get to set it’s pretty clear I have little to no voice left. Also Awesome. Overall, the day isn’t going great for me.

But then there are adorable babies on set and then I get to take a nap because I’m not in the birthing scene. I wanted to watch, but not as much as I wanted to sleep. Yay nap time! Then lunch! Neither of these things does anything to help my voice. I kept drinking hot water beverages, but to no avail. Fortunately, they compressed the one scene where I have a line so I didn’t need to talk. When we tried it in rehearsals my voice was so squeaky it just made everyone crack up. It was a sort of hectic scene to shoot, but funny. Also, Pi is in the background as a patient with full on IV and a neck brace and oxygen mask. She was cracking up before hand- we think Dave may have secretly given her laughing gas instead of oxygen.

When that is all done we don’t have a ton of time to film the waiting room. We rehearse a few then it took forever to work out the lighting. I suspect the location was difficult to light because we started late too. Low ceilings and lots of windows.

By the time we start the 2 scenes out there we have maybe an hour and half so we crank out the shots one after another. Frankel played the weird patient in the chair next to Melanie and it was so hard not to crack up during the scene. He doesn’t need to do anything and he’s just funny. Lisa had her snarky cameo. Benji mooned us from off camera, but it was during rehearsal. Melanie was adorable. Benji was all weepy. Even though we were rushed to get the scene done I think it was still done well. Though I am very quiet for supposedly being super excited about babies. I could barely even squeak.

Oh! on the first take we tried, I suddenly had a giant tickle in my throat and had a massive coughing fit for like 5 minutes. I was relatively fine all day, coughing wise, other than when I was trying to clear my voice for the line that was cut. So it just jumped out at me and I couldn’t prevent it. I had tears in my eyes it was so bad. I got a bunch of hot water drinks and a terrible cough drop and my throat stopped freaking out. It was annoying, but brief.

When I got home I showered finally. I hadn’t at all that day because I was late, so I was super gross. I also washed my hair for the first time (Rebecca had done it the day before) which is so wierd! It’s like someone else’s head! Short hair! Woah!

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