Day 23 – Return to the Sauna

June 22nd, 2009 ~ 10:27 pm

Today (I’m finally catching up!) we went back to the sweat box that is Franklin Middle School and picked up our remaining scenes. We got the bathroom scene. I managed to eek out my 2 remaining lines. We tried it like I was doing it sort of jokey and gravelly. I think it worked. maybe? I think so. If not I can ADR it later. I know folks with recording booths in LA!

It was pretty hot, but not like it was in the gym that day. I also managed to eat something before hand and wasn’t lightheaded at all. After that scene I changed into normal clothes and hung out in the air conditioned rooms most of the day. Nice! I got in a 20 minute nap even.

After lunch we shot Benji and Shannon’s competition dance on both the camcorder and the Red. We needed the Camcorder for teh opening sequence then the Red just to have it all nice for the DVD. They were freaking awesome. They looked amazing. Markas had them in green and black and when the light hit them they sparkled everywhere- literally and figuratively. They even had sparkly custom shoes! I was out there for most of them because the camcorder eventually sees my feet- which was a thing of confusion for a few takes as we had Cut yelled after the dance, but then the camcorder was still on and people were talking and walking all over. One even has Benji talking about his pants being torn. Doh! Only an issue because I say a line. So we got it all sorted out and we did it once more for the camcorder and that one worked. Then Benji and Shannon wanted another go so they could totally nail it for the Red. I went into the AC to change but it sounds like they rocked it.

After their dance we still had enough time to film our tango in our outfits. We did ours up on the stage, which was all done up with balloons and paper stars like it was High school musical. So funny. We danced to a song we hadn’t practiced on before so my start timing was off. After that we had Melanie cue me when to move. That worked much better. the first go of it I felt really good about but nicole wasn’t happy with. Plus she was lipsyncing out of habit. He he. So we tried again and got off rhythm pretty quick. I think that’s when we had Melanie cue me. We were both also really sweaty and she was literally slipping away from me. We started over and did alright, but I didn’t feel great that time. I think that’s when the spotlight blew a circuit so we went in the AC to cool off while they reset it. When we came back for the last time we nailed it. I had to mutter to Nicole to stop singing and she did and we got all the way through it, and through it well. It was fun and sexy and fierce. Plus we worked out the angles really well so the good moves are toward the camera. Nice!

Another awesome thing is thatI got to wear my tux sans jacket because they put a false back on the vest. It was pinned becasue it was Markas’ granfather’s vest and they didn’t want to make alterations on it. Sophie hand stitched a black cotton back to it so I wouldn’t have to try and dance in the heavy coat. Thank goodness! Plus it’s a cute look on it’s own.

Today was supposed to be a day in the park, but since it was a pickup day we will go to the park tomorrow. Since we go to the park tomorrow, we lose our promo photo shoot we wanted to do. Like for posters and such. We were going to try rigging a fake pony tail so my hair doesn’t look cut, but it’s moot since we won’t have time now. I also won’t have time to get my tattoo here before I leave. Sadness! Oh well. I can get it in LA, I just wanted to go to where we found our little girl that plays little me in the movie. (No Regrets tatoo)

Tomorrow we will have time to party. Mike Ross is hosting the first 2 hours of the party at Krannert Center with an open bar! Woo! Then we move the party, but I forget where. hopefuly I won’t throw out my neck dancing again.

Then I guess I pack because I leave Wednesday.

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