Things I learned today

June 22nd, 2009 ~ 11:00 pm

Apparently it’s a federal offense to smoke on school grounds. I wonder if it’s also a federal offense to strip naked and walk around only wearing balloons in a school.

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  1. Gilda Warren says:

    Hi Laurel, My name is Gilda, I've been reading your blogs and would like to thank you for taking me on this movie journey with you. I am a fan of Benji's and now I am a fan of yours. I would love to see the movie when it comes out.I've enjoyed all of the pictures and I must say Benji is a character. I didn't understand what you meant about someone walking around naked covered with balloons and then I saw the picture of Benji covered with balloons, I laughed so hard it hurt.Again congrats and much success on your film.

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