February recap

March 8th, 2011 ~ 9:15 pm

Man, I’ve been busy. In life mostly. Work got particularly slammed, so the various acting adventures I had were not logged. I was working at home most nights.

Anyway, I guess at the beginning of the month I had rehearsal for the remainder of the short film I did with a USC grad student late last year. We shot a portion of it and she wanted to finish it out. She also wanted to use some scenes for her Directing for Camera class, so the following week we went to her class for an in class workshop. I had done something like it for another student a long time ago, and it’s weird since it’s sort of like you’re performing a film scene, but in a staged way in front of a live audience. Then they all talk about why the student did what, and you’re kind of there for the duration. This one was better because they actually had cameras and talked about more relevant things to shooting a film than the other class had. Also her teacher was pretty delightful and the TA was another student I’d worked with, so it was pretty fun all around.

Then later in the month I started to have more fittings and makeup tests and conference calls for the feature I’m shooting right now. I will be able to blog more specifically about that later. For now it’s under wraps. I’ll probably write entries and save them until further notice. So interesting, right?

Then near the end of the month I booked a voice over gig for a video game! Not sure when I’ll be recording it. I let them know at the audition I’m booked until the end of March, but they said they can see about rescheduling my session. i’m super excited because I want to get into voice over, especially for games, and this will be great to start my reel. The guys are in the USC interactive program and one of my friends went there so they knew him and his game company and stuff. This will be their thesis project and it sounds delightful. I will be one of the main detectives in the story. It’s the kind of game I love, with clues and puzzles and stuff so you solve a mystery.

Then I got to see a screening of the feature i was interviewed for. It’s not technically acting, but it is a narrative film. It’s about a woman dealing with clinical depression and her relationships, etc. It came out great. It’s particularly affecting if you have suffered from depression, because so many situations in the film are so familiar. I’m not in in too much, but when I am I’m actually pretty funny. Even though I’m talking about my experience with depression, it’s a nice little bit of humor in there. It’s a great film. I think it will be screening in May, so I’ll probably post about that when I have more info.

Ok, that’s most of my stuff from February. Like I said, I was working a lot of hours, so not a lot of acting stuff could go on. Needless to say, it was also pretty stressful as the end of the month got closer!

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