One Nighstand, Phase 2

March 8th, 2011 ~ 10:34 pm

This weekend we finished shooting One Nightstand, which is now called Ada Vs. The New Girl, which is a better title, even though I came up with that first one. 😉

Friday was a pretty early day, starting about 6:40am for me. We were shooting at whole foods for the first half of the day. I think it seemed to go smoothly, except for having to wait for customers to move out of the way. I was pretty tired and coming down with a cold, but there wasn’t any dialog there. I was mostly spying on the other characters, so it was easy.

We headed up to the Roxy after having lunch. For those not in LA, it’s a pretty famous venue on the Sunset Strip. We were allowed to shoot in the upstairs VIP lounge until the bands got there around 6pm, which was when we needed to be done either way. It’s a cool space. I’d never been there. Lot of comfy couches and a nice long bar. Not too big. We did the scene where i’m rehearsing with my band mate, so I had to lip sync and fake play the guitar. Doing both at the same time was super difficult! guitar was the hardest since I haven’t played since high school so I forget any chords I ever knew. At least they won’t be seeing my hands much. they just wanted some wides and then some fancy side angles, so i had to try and strum with the recording and also lip sync. Ack! But I think it will look ok. We had to do it a bunch of times, but luckily they were good songs and i didn’t mind hearing them over and over.

At the end we had a shot where I’m outside about to go in and I break down and cry. Yeah… That didn’t quite happen. I mean, it did a little, but my eyes were too dry to really get any tears down the cheek kind of thing. My contacts are partly to blame for the dryness, but I’ve come to accept that I’m not one of those actors that can ‘cry on cue.’ I can cry, but I haven’t mastered the going from nothing to tears streaming down the face without any kind of scene to build up to it. I know I can cry within scenes, but going zero to sixty crying-wise, just isn’t something I can do yet. Maybe in the future i should write myself a scene to use to build up to it and then they can start filming. I don’t know. Something to work on I guess.

Saturday was an evening shoot for the most part. By then i had a full-on cold. I’d had about 3 Emergen-C’s already. Then the first thing I had to do was run up a few flights of stairs over and over! They let me lay down for a bit after that since I was dizzy and they were going to be shooting the other actress for a while and had to set up anyway. That helped. The next while I did some lines off screen since I’m on an intercom. Then we went outside for the remainder of the night. At first it was ok. It was not too cold yet and I had sort of half sleeves on the dress. But then by the time I had to get into the other dress, with no jacket, it was much colder. I put on my jacket between takes, but I was still shivering. I got to tense that the tension gave me a migraine! Boo! I tried to stay focused, but I really have no idea if I did ok or not. I tried to stay flirty, etc, but then between takes I was cringing and shivering. I felt awful, but I hope it doesn’t read on camera. Taking something fort the pain didn’t do anything since I was still too tense. I just needed sleep. We didn’t finish until 1:30 am i think.

Sunday I woke up with a headache still, but at least I didn’t have to get up too early. I met up with my co-star for the feature in the morning for movie prep, and i finished with enough time for a long nap before my call time. I could have slept for much more than that hour and a half. My cold seemed to be much better by then at least.

We were shooting in this really cute guest house in Franklin village. Luckily it was mostly indoors. Just one establishing shot outside. I didn’t know about it so I ended up wearing the wrong shoes, but oh well. It’s quick. The actress who was supposed to play my roommate had an awesome callback that was running late, so they had to replace her last minute. The girl who came in was really funny and had some great improv lines. I told them I needed to leave by 8:30 because I had too much to do and an 8 am call time on Monday. We knocked it all out and I was out by 8:40.

In hindsight, I maybe would have asked if it were possible to do it earlier or later in the month so it wasn’t so close to the Feature shoot. I just felt like I was so stressed out and I maybe wasn’t always as focused as I could have been. I get migraines under stress, so maybe I wouldn’t have been so tense and wouldn’t have gotten it. Well, it’s not the first time I’ve spread myself too thin. More things to work on.

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