Day 24 – The final shoot day

June 28th, 2009 ~ 2:09 pm

Sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve been traveling and sleeping and spending time with Jeff, so blogging wasn’t on the forefront of my mind. But he’s off at an Atrox meeting, and I’m doing laundry so I have some sit down time.

Tuesday was the final day. We got up moderately early and shuttled over to Allerton Park. It’s this big park with a mansion and a lake and big fields, trees, art, etc. It’s really pretty. I didn’t read about it at the visitor center, but I’m sure you can look it up online.

It was a very hot day, but there were a few moderately air conditioned rooms at the visitor center where we could set up. Plus hair and makeup were in the trailer with AC. Once we were all ready we moved over to the long walkway toward the 2 story gazebo. It’s like this picnic montage with the babies and all of us being a happy family. It is super cute. They film us walking toward the camera, then turn around so we walk on toward the gazebo. It was a long walk, so I’m sure they will edit it. Then we did some stuff up in the gazebo and some stuff with the video camera home movie thing. we’re all sweaty messes, but oh well. Luckily we had the fake babies, so we didn’t need to worry about overheating tiny babies. We also didn’t need to worry about Benji pretending to drop the actual baby of the side. Let’s assume they will cut that.

After that we moved on to an area that used to be a pond, but was now a grassy area inside these big walls. We all hung out on the blanket and ran around up the stairs. At one point Benji took out his phone, but they didn’t want to use that so he put it back in the baby carriage, which had lots of pouches and such. Then Nicole and I had a fun moment riding one of the fishy statues, where at one point I sat down wrong- ow! Fishy had back fins. Then we moved up to another long walk way, first playing back and forth between these little monk statues then walking up the path toward the naked guy statue. Some of us hid inside the buses that lined the walkway and jumped out to scare the crew as they came up behind us. I lagged, so I scared no one. It was still nice and shady in there though.

Then from the naked guy statue, we turned and crossed the big meadow to get to the final spot by the lake, looking over at the mansion. We were reminded how crazy hot out it was. Luckily we all slathered on the sunblock. I didn’t get burned at all that day. Yay! We made it to the trees and there was a trail through the brush toward the spot.

While we waited for the scene to be set we were across the spot in the shade and I found not 1, but 2 four leaf clovers! Like immediately and within like 15 minutes of each other, just looking down. Double luck! Except maybe not.

In the journey from the fishes to the spot, we lost Benji’s phone out of the baby carriage. And then Nicole’s birdcage necklace, which had come off at some point, was accidentally stepped on and crushed. Doh! Sadness. They sent some PAs to retrace our steps to find the phone. The phone was not found, so they brought them back.

We shot the final shot where we are sitting by the lake as a family, eating our picnic and swatting the bugs. Jerk bugs! Then the camera turns away into the meadow and the crew members are called out and frolic into the field. Then we get up and join them and we all dance around and hug and cry, etc. Some folks dump the cooler on Markas– which was actually quite refreshing I would think. Then some of us charged at the camera and picked up Pete because he was still hiding back there. Luke and Brett busted out some champagne. A lot of it exploded out or was doused on people, but there was enough for folks to toast with. Yay! We made a movie! Yay!

I think at some point Frankel may have also lost his phone, but I never heard if he found his.

We finished frolicking and people packed up. I realized that it was already 4 pm and we needed to pick up our gift for the directors by 5 pm. I asked Luke and Brett and they were like- sure no problem, but didn’t immediately rush away. And then I got all panicky. Ok, not panicky, but concerned because I didn’t know how long it took to drive back. Apparently not that long because they got it just fine. I was just paranoid. Anyway, everyone pakced up and most left. And yet, we were still sitting there. After about 20 minutes I realized it was because Benji was still wandering around looking for his missing phone. Finally I just asked little Brett if we could get a driver since by the time the car got to Champaign and back, he might still be looking for it and there was no reason the rest of the Leads should be waiting. Afterall, we all needed to get pretty for our wrap party!

So he drives us back. Yay!

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