And that's a wrap! Party!

June 28th, 2009 ~ 3:23 pm

When we got home from the park Nicole and I picked up the gift, which was the backs of their director chairs with the movie and their names screen printed on them since they were blank before. We did them at Te Shurt and they had time done that day! Nice! We thought of putting them in long flower boxes with flowers on top, but the flower shop didn’t have boxes. So we had the lady (April’s Flowers I think) wrap them in the celophane around the flowers, which looked awesome. It was perfect. Then we wandered over to Pitaya and bought a new dress for the party. Yay sale rack! I got 2. Then I went back and showered while Nicole went to run more errands. After I was all ready I sat down and signed all the thank you cards Nicle had picked up for the crew. It took a while. We had a lot of people helping us. Then I caught a shuttle to the Krannert Center.

There were a lot of people there. I went to get a drink, but they were already out of my go-to Cap’n Morgan. So I had water and wandered over to get some food, which I subsequently dropped on the floor while trying to hold both my water and plate and eat at the same time. Oops! I cleaned up the messy part and the chips were just some crumbs left. Not too bad. I gave up on the snacks and got a beer instead.

I got all the leads to sign the card for our directors, though benji was late so we signed for him. Then we got up on the little stage and brought E and DB up and gave them the gifts. They were delighted. And they said some nice things and then we went back to mingling. Benji did show up after that, though without his phone. At least he seemed in ok spirits by then.

After a few hours we were shuttled over to Jupiter’s II, a yummy pizza place, where we had the whole upstairs reserved. Nicole drove the car of some of the guests because they had been drinking, so I rode with them. Yay safety!

Lots of people were there as well, including some that missed the early party. I wandered around for a while handing out our thank you notes. Then we got done with those and I got some awesome pizza and drinks. It wasn’t supposed to be open bar but a mystery patron picked up our tab. Woah! Thanks Mystery Benefitiary! There was pool, but I didn’t get around to playing. There was a dance floor that I did hit up. Though as soon as I went over to dance they cut the music and announced there was a sample of the grocery store musical for us to see! Yay! So we got to see footage cut with the song- all very preliminary, the song isn’t even finished, but still rad. Then it was back to dancing and I danced the rest of the time. And once again threw out my neck apparently. I also busted my new necklace. Doh! Oh well, it was well worth it. Lots of dancing! And eventually crying at the end. Wah!

But then we went back to the dorms and decided it was time for IHOP again! Woo! IHOP! So we stumble over there and get food. And others join us. Pete dances at Shaheen and almost turns her straight with the powers of dance. Lots of laughing and eating. Then later Shaheen picks up the check. She is the greatest. Not for that, just in general. I think we left around 4 or 4:30.

Then I had to pack. Yeah. I kind of didn’t have time before. I got finished sometime after 6:30, so I got about 2 or so hours of sleep. Woo. But I sleep on planes, so whatever. There was traffic but Benji and I managed to barely catch our flight. I was amazed since I’d had bad experiences with US Airways screwing me over by leaving early. But they didn’t and I made it on. Yay! They had me check my carry on since I was like the last on board, so I grabbed my laptop and checked the bag. Good thing I did since they lost that piece of luggage. First time I’ve ever had my bag lost. I got it back the next afternoon though, so it wasn’t so bad. And I didn’t need my laptop stuff since I would be home with my desktop computer.

So jeff picks me up. Yay! And I’ve just been trying to get used to my normal schedule. I think I’m starting to now. It’s just wierd being home and not having to work 12 hours a day. It’s kind of nice to veg out a bit now too.

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