Delivery – Day 1

March 24th, 2011 ~ 10:31 pm

I’m writing this much later than I’d have liked to, but early mornings and long days left me tired when I got home. So it’s been a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll remember the good stuff.

We began at an apartment in West LA. After we went through makeup and wardrobe we started with a scene with just me. We drove around in my car while I talked about my job. This was one of the scenes they are calling ‘side confessionals’ – they are basically where someone is being interviewed, but not in the regular confessional setting. Aside from my engine noise and the camera battery being fussy it went well. We got an adapter to plug it in and I just drove around a bit slower.

Next up was I think some cheesy B-roll with us playing with the dog in a park. Then we went back to the apartment and shot our audition tape on a little flip cam. Very cute. Then we did some misc. morning stuff. I think by then it was lunch. Nom nom nom. They used some local indie film catering company and it was excellent.

After lunch we had a scene where the dog has to take a cue to growl and bark. The dog is good at it, but he was in a kennel and then had to wait for us to walk through the whole apartment in one long take. It was complicated since the camera is following us and then the trainer has to get into position where the dog can see her after we enter the room. Then she has to get the dog’s attention again and signal for the growls. All this while i’m in front of her. It took like 16 or so tries, but finally we figured it out and got it! Yay Doggy!

They wrapped the dog after that and then we did the rest of the stuff that takes place in the apartment. At the end of th day we did the miscarry scare. Danny wasn’t told what was going on, but I think he suspected something since we had 2 of the same dress. Clearly there would be something on it. Turns out it was blood!

This scene was incredibly satisfying because I was really focused and was able to cry! Yay! They didn’t tell me I had to but I felt like that would be the appropriate response. And I totally got there. It made me feel so much better after having crying issues recently. It was a good confidence boost. Nailed it! And I was able to keep it going for 3 takes. I also really liked my line ‘Why does god hate me?’ Yes, I’m going to note my favorite things I say during production, that I remember.

That was it for the night. I left a bit sticky from the blood on my legs.

The day went well. We started light so everyone can get used to each other. Plus the beginnings of the film are much lighter. The only difficult shot was the dog one, and that wasn’t too bad since they left time for it. Yay!

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