Feature – Day 1

March 24th, 2011 ~ 10:59 pm

Well, I’m writing this pretty far after the fact because I was too tired during the shoot to sit down and do it. Also, this is my public posting, so I’ll be writing things pretty cryptically. Sorry. After the movie is out, i’ll publish my private posts with more details.

Day one started at an apartment in West LA. They wanted to start out light, so all the scenes are pretty light in tone and they didn’t schedule a ton for each day. The only thing that gave us trouble was a scene with the dog, and that was only because it was basically a tracking shot where the dog has to take a cue at the end while the trainer hides. That is difficult!

The food was excellent. They used an indie film catering place. Also, a block of cheese is always a good idea for crafty. I think I ate like half of it myself. I suspect a lot of these posts will be about how much I ate.

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