Delivery – Day 2

March 24th, 2011 ~ 11:38 pm

Day 2 was quite pleasant. We all started at base camp and then piled in one of those giant vans to go to the first location at a baby store. They had 2 cameras that day so we only did one long take of me and my mother wandering around. While we were shooting some customers were waiting in the parking lot. Turned out to be the actor from Life unexpected. At least that’s what Danny told me later and I’m inclined to believe that.
that scene jumps into act 2, so i got to wear the first baby bump!

We changed outfits there and then vanned it over to the Santa Monica Pier. The van just barely fit in the parking garage! We did the reality-staged scene where we tell my mother we’re expecting. There are certain scenes that are made to look like the staged scenes you see in shows like the Kardashians or whatever. So they call them the Kardashian shots. Then we did some side-confessionals too. Hopefully they framed out most of the homeless people. Also that one lady who literally just stood there behind us for an entire take and had to be asked to move along. It was really nice outside, but breezey, so i kept wearing adam’s jacket.

After that we went back to base camp and had delicious Porto’s. Mmmm.

My buddy DJ Gumsoul came by to fill in for the DJ for our wedding video. They had someone lined up that dropped out the day before, so I asked my friend if he could come in. Even though the sound won’t be used, he did a great job. He was playing hilarious Sheen clips when we got there. Everyone got a kick out of it. This was back when Sheen had just started going off.

I had brought my wig from Halloween and wardrobe had found a wedding dress that was a perfect fit. Woo! Danny and I decided our song was Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. After they filmed us dancing on the flip a couple times, they recorded some crowd noise to lay over it later. They had to remind everyone it was 2009, so no current references if they feel like yelling anything out.

After that we took a few snaps in the church next door and then went to a nearby park to shoot wedding pics. I had photoshopped a couple snaps of Danny and his wife, with my face on it. They came out well. They just needed some wedding pics to put up around the house too. They came out great.

We finished early that day.

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