Delivery – Day 3

March 30th, 2011 ~ 12:48 pm

Now it’s been 2 weeks. i’m way behind. oh well.

Wednesday we we at a studio downtown all day. They had a bunch of hospital and doctors office sets in a big warehouse.

When I arrived, my google directions sent me into a parking lot in which I proceeded to drive the wrong way. There were a bunch of dudes loading crates of fruit and such and they kept yelling at me, so i stop and then ask how to get out and get to the building I’m looking for. One of the workers let me know where to go. As he was talking the security guard comes over and is kind of a dick. Yeah, i know I’m in the wrong place, dude. Don’t be a dick about it, I’m trying to find my way out. Well, I got out and went around to the back of the complex and found the right building.

It was cold. Not too surprising since it’s still sort of winter and it’s just a giant warehouse. But man. Luckily they had a little green room with a space heater, so i parked there for most of the day. My worry when i get cold is that i’ll get too tense from shivering and then get a migraine, which happened the weekend before.
I wasn’t needed for a while so I didn’t have to get into the hospital gown right away. I took a nice nap, chatted with extras and the doctor actors. They made up the wardrobe girl as a nurse to be another extra as well.

I bet it was a bit hard for the actors playing doctors to do their adlibbing. They director didn’t demand technical jargon or anything, but it’s still more specific than regular conversations.

Most of my stuff involved lying in a hospital bed under a blanket, so that was pretty easy. I also got to leave my jeans on under the gown so I wasn’t freezing.

When you went outside it was nice and warm, so I had lunch out there.

In the afternoon we switched to normal clothes for the sonogram scene. I realized I still had my navel ring. I’ve never tried to take it out. I’ve had it in since i was 18 years old and I never took it out. Never got around to changing it. So I just hoped that I could remove it. Luckily the top ball unscrewed easily and I was able to pull it right out. First time in like 12 years! So once we knew I could take it out, we decided to do it on camera, just to do it. We did that scene and then a few other ones before wrapping early. And by early, I generally mean it wasn’t a 12 hour day. I think that day was maybe 8ish.

One of the weird things was that some of the people who worked at the studio kept making noise while we were shooting. Like they were moving stuff or building something. they were, like- we didn’t hear you say ‘rolling’. Why would you be doing that work while someone’s renting the space anyway? It’s a huge building, you might not hear when they are rolling or not. Maybe just don’t be working until we leave? Weird.

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