Delivery – Day 4

March 30th, 2011 ~ 1:05 pm

Thursday we had a really light day. I got to sleep in a bit and then all we had slated for me was a BBQ. Awesome.

I got to the location before production, but the actress playing my best friend was there with her fiancé. We knocked on the door and the guy who lived there let us in. Turned out the fiancé and the resident knew each other. Small world!

The rest of the crew were wrapping up at the bar, so we hung out for a while. But then they got there and started setting up the back yard. It was a really cool place over in Silverlake. The backyard has a patio down below and then the yard slopes up from there and there is a bridge from the upstairs to the top of the hill. there was also a little shed back there. It was really green and overgrown from all the rain, but it was pretty. the weather was also perfect.

The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the fit of the dress I was to wear. We’d ruined the first yellow dress already so this was the second one and either this one was sewn a bit slimmer or I was bloated (probably). It was really tight. Wardrobe had to let it out some so it would stop bunching up. She had her sewing machine with her though, so she got it done super fast.

Once we were all set we just had a BBQ. We made sure to stay on topics from 2009, when the story takes place. It wasn’t hard to find things to talk about. It was fun. Then they got enough of that footage with the 2 cameras, and then everyone else had lunch. We’d already eaten really. Then we just had one more scene to shoot inside and that was it for me for the day. Danny had to go over to his workplace location, but I don’t think they went very late.

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