Delivery – Day 5

March 30th, 2011 ~ 1:25 pm

Friday was confessionals day. We spent most of the day reflecting on things that had happened over the first act, and then a few things that hadn’t happened yet. That is difficult. We had an idea of what was going to happen on with the Armenian lady, so we had to comment on it in really vague ways. We knew she was going to freak out at us when we toured her house. I suspect we may re-shoot that later since we’ll be picking up other testimonials later.

After we finished those we did our first major jump ahead in the timeline. We did a scene right near the end of the film. I had my huge baby bump and a super bad rash and dark circles on my eyes. Danny comes to find me at the neighbor’s house, sleeping. So at this point we don’t know what’s happened right before this. I was like- Am I mad at him? Have we been fighting? Am I just tired? All in all, looking back I think it will fit fine with what comes before it. We just had to shoot it before the rest due to location availability.

We had to do a bunch of times because they wanted to get adequate sound, though it takes place in the last act, so it doesn’t have to have perfect sound. We tried hiding the sound guy in the closet, on the floor, then they tried miking the nightstand. Finally they just Lav’d us both and the sound guy mixed as necessary. The camera can’t catch the sound guy at all in the 3rd act because he’s not there, so it adds another level of difficulty when shooting.

That night also featured the kid. He saw me drumming on my belly and was concerned because he thought it was real. Nice.

I don’t remember how late we went, but it wasn’t too late since there was the kid there. Maybe 9:30 or 10pm. There was a party across the street. We joked I go over there in my belly and ask for a drink.

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