Feature – Day 7

April 8th, 2011 ~ 9:29 pm

Sunday was our day off, so I did some voice over work for a game plus a quick ADR session for a short film I had done. Because I’m a workaholic.

Monday we moved into the house! What a cute house! It isn’t a normal house for north hollywood. It’s got wood siding instead of stucco and steep roofs. So cute. Plus out back they had a little bar/cabana and a patio with angel trumpet flower trees. We learned that people sometimes make a tea from the flowers to get high like an opiate, but if they make it wrong, they die. It became a running joke.

The owners had both that property and the lot behind it, so there were some mini-guest houses they rented out as well. Basically furnished vacation homes. On the side of one there was a big mirror facing the back yard and I felt like it was a one-way mirror and people were in there spying on us. It wasn’t. I’m assuming the mirror thing is to make it seem bigger.

Inside they had one of those old stoves I love, with the two little ovens instead of a big one. There was a heater grate on the floor in the hall, but it was really big and took up most of the floor there. Kind of weird placement, but I guess it was the only place to put it. The stairs to the top floor were narrow and steep, but safe. Then the top floor was awesome because the roofs were so steep and the walls ended up a severe angles. That was mostly where we all hung out. They only used one corner to shoot. We also did some confessionals up there, but they didn’t like the way they looked, so later in the week that area was the Fort. They put up some sheets to close it off and people would hang out in there and watch TV. It was fun.

Since we’d just moved in, we did some scenes of touring the house and progress of unpacking, etc. They had to move all the furniture out and then back in again.

Really the beginning of the week blends together. There wasn’t anything heavy. I think we did confessionals and some side confessionals. At one point they gave me a flip cam and I wandered around doing a side interview on my own for 10 minutes. Cute little stuff about the new house. Can’t remember anything else specific from Monday. Oh, I think there was more cheese that day. Also lunch was catered and delicious whatever it was.

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