Delivery – Day 10

April 7th, 2011 ~ 10:31 am

Thursday started with the house blessing. The actor playing the priest was this older Latino fellow with a great accent. We followed him around as he read his blessings and sprinkled ‘holy’ water around. The last room was to be the nursery. We weren’t sure exactly what would happen, but we had an idea based on the outline and the way they’d set up the room. There was fishing line attached to the door, so I knew a door would be slammed. We also knew there would be a near-fatal incident.

The first take the door slammed and then the priest starts having trouble breathing and collapses, but they decided to switch the timing so he starts choking then the door slams. It took a few tries to get the door to slam just right and have the scene seem chaotic but also be able to tell what was happening. I think it was a 2 camera scene, so they have coverage from 2 sides. The priest was holding the water, so he would drop it during each take. After a few takes you could tell his stole was wet so we had to have it ironed dry. Afterward the poor actor had a scratchy throat from doing the choking. Luckily we didn’t have so many takes he lost his voice or anything.

In the afternoon we had the baby shower so the girls were over again. That was also covered with 2 cameras so we didn’t have to do more than one long conversation really. I also opened gifts. Etc. The girls left and then my Mother stayed and the dog arrived. We did another scene where the trainer has to hide behind me and cue the dog, but it was much easier since the cameras didn’t move and the dog was out in the open so he could focus on her.

We also did the scene with the dog creepily watching me sleep. I have a lot of scenes where I get to lie in bed with my eyes closed. It’s nice.

Then later we did the scene that is just the saddest thing ever. They didn’t show anything, but they had the dog lying under the table with a trail of blood and then I’m in there with a knife freaking out. So sad! The dog did very well laying still. It was easy to bring up tears for the scene later when he comes home from the vet and the dog died. We did that at one of my auditions and I had tears streaming down my face. This version was quieter and I was in bed, but still as upset. I don’t think my animal-lover friend will be able to go see this film.

Maybe this was the night we had our fight. I can’t recall if we had the dog there at the time or if we pretended he was there. But I think we did have our fight. I think I also had some creepy sleep walking stuff. It may have been Wednesday night. I forget.

This was probably the night we did the super creepy laughing stuff because I think by friday I was in my biggest bump. We did two versions actually. A couple takes with laughing and one with no laughing in case it is better that way later. But there was a happy accident on one of the takes where I look back into the camera and then Danny turns the light out, so we duplicated it on the other takes. This was during act three, so we are pretending the camera is being held by the actor playing the producer, which means the DP had to avoid ever seeing himself in the plethora of mirrors all over the place. After we finished the crew in the other room were saying how creepy the laughing was and the DP was all spooked from me looking at the camera. I do it a few times in act three, so hopefully it remains unsettling each time it happens.

We called it a night around 12:30 I think. Hopefully our Irish PA was able to have a Guinness or two before crashing.

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