Feature – Day 8

April 8th, 2011 ~ 9:29 pm

Tuesday my mother comes to see the house. Then the best friend and the neighbor came over for tea and such. We went up and I showed them the art my character was doing. The best friend went home I think and then we did another scene with the neighbor showing me stuff about midwives. Then the kid came and we did a scene with him in the kitchen. I give him a coke in the scene, so we had quite a line up of coke cans just off camera, one for each take – including the ‘rehearsals’. They told him the first ones were rehearsals, but they recorded them just in case. Working with kids is funny. You have to use different language to get them to give you what you want.

Danny came in the afternoon. I think we had a “Kardashian” scene where we make up for a fight we haven’t had yet! They told us what points we’d be hitting in the argument, but we wouldn’t be filming it until Thursday. So, we went through vague sentiments about not really meaning what we said, etc.

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