Feature – Day 9

April 8th, 2011 ~ 9:31 pm

Thursday we had the Midwife there. This was the first day we realized no one wears watches any more because no one had one for her to use to take my pulse.
Actually someone did that time, but then next time we needed on on set, they weren’t there.

I think this was the night where he comes up and watches me painting. I actually had some really old paints from when I used to actually paint, so I broke those out. They were acrylic, but I pretended they were oils since the prop they saw earlier in the week was an oil set. I didn’t want to use the oils because they take too long to dry and it would make a mess when we had to pack things up later.
My paint must have been over 7 years old since that’s how long it’s been since I worked at The Art Store (R.I.P.). So, the yellow was rock solid. All I could get out of the tube was the separated greasy medium. It actually looked a lot like linseed oil, but basically useless. My red was just barely squishy, so makeup let me borrow her alcohol spritzer and I was able to break it down a bit and use a little. I got an ok amount of blue and green and some black and white. I tried to match the palette of the artist I was copying, but I didn’t have enough red. Oh well. i think I nailed the style pretty convincingly. At least close enough that viewers would believe I could actually have painted them. The artist’s stuff was much better. I’m not good at abstract art, if thats’ possible. I was always more of a photo-realistic artist, which is slow and not super useful since i have to see what I’m drawing.

Anyway! After that they did some stuff with Danny and I got to do some other awesome thing I can’t tell you about. I will later when i can release my real blog posts.

After that day I don’t think we had much in the way of happy scenes.

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