Feature – Day 10

April 8th, 2011 ~ 9:32 pm

Thursday started with some plot stuff I can’t talk about.

In the afternoon we had the baby shower so the girls were over again. That was also covered with 2 cameras so we didn’t have to do more than one long conversation really. I also opened gifts. Etc. The girls left and then my Mother stayed and the dog arrived. We did another scene where the trainer has to hide behind me and cue the dog, but it was much easier since the cameras didn’t move and the dog was out in the open so he could focus on her.

Then later we did the scene that is really intense that I also can’t tell you about!

Maybe this was the night we had our fight. I can’t recall if we had the dog there at the time or if we pretended he was there. But I think we did have our fight. It may have been Wednesday night. I forget.

This was probably the night i did some other awesome thing I can’t tell you about. I’m just leaving notes in here so it will make sense later when i can release my private posts.

We called it a night around 12:30 I think. Hopefully our Irish PA was able to have a Guinness or two before crashing.

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