Feature – Day 11

April 8th, 2011 ~ 9:33 pm

Friday we can see the finish line.

I actually didn’t have much to do during the day that day. I think it was a lot of scenes of people talking about me but not me actually doing anything. I guess they had a big long group discussion, which was probably really hard to shoot since it’s all on one camera by then and everyone’s talking over each other, etc.

Production design spent a few hours taping up wall paper in the nursery since we couldn’t paint the walls.

I think the actor playing the doctor showed up a bit early so he was there for a long time before we were going to need him.

We started shooting the early finale stuff but towards the end of the night they had to make a decision whether to try and start doing the complicated shots or to stop where we were so everyone would have more energy to get it done. They decided to stop a bit early and send everyone home to rest instead of trying to push through the night and finish. It was the right decision because it was already midnight by then and there was no way we were going to finish in 2 hours. Sadly that meant the doc was waiting for hours for no reason that day. Oh, filmmaking. Ultimately it was wroth it though.

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