Feature – Day 12

April 8th, 2011 ~ 11:12 pm

Saturday was the last day we had the location so we had to finish. Luckily all we had left were a few house-hunting scenes to pick up in the afternoon and then once it got dark the whole big shebang at the end.

So in the afternoon we meet up with the actor playing the Realtor, who turned out to be a Realtor in real life and found some freaking amazing locations.

I’m going to check with the producers if I can talk about these houses but you may have to wait for the movie if I can’t. They were pretty amazing though.

After that we returned to our real pretend house. We had to wait for it to get dark, so we hung out for a while watching TV in the fort and waiting for the other actors to arrive. I maybe got in a little nap. I usually did at some point every day, so I can’t imagine I wouldn’t have that day. I’m pretty good at napping.

We did a pickup shot with a paramedic in the afternoon. I think there were a few other pickups they grabbed.

That day I was just in a really big bump. We had a silicon belly for the shot where you actually see it, but since it wouldn’t be visible in the rest of the film, I opted for the fabric belly which I could actually go to the bathroom in if I needed to without removing all my clothes and the prosthetic. The fabric belly was sewn onto a body suit that snapped underneath on the leg/crotch part. I left it undone and tucked it under. That way you can’t tell it’s fake when I’m wearing little more than a T-shirt. Also one side of the snaps often came undone, so that way it didn’t matter. The silicon belly was more comfortable and easier to get on and off, but it wasn’t really the best bet for the whole night.

When it got dark enough, we re-shot one of the earlier scenes from the previous night so it involved my Mother because it would flow better into another scene that way. Then we did a montage of contractions. They wanted everything to look real so we had watched a bunch of birthing shows and home birth videos before hand. Labor is a bunch of hours of moaning and waiting. I imagine it’s completely exhausting! I was made to look sweaty and tired. Not too much sweat at first. Just really tired. “Level 2” tired to be exact. Bump 4, Tired 2 – we had numbers for a lot of things. Anyway, I was a mess!

At some point in there I take off the loose dress I have on so I’m really only in an over sized T-shirt all night and it’s one of those fluke cold nights in LA. Ack! I spent the time between every shot under the blanket on the bed and didn’t move from there. No way I was letting a tension headache develop when I know I’ve got a long night ahead.

Eventually we get up the big complicated scene that they decided not to try on Friday night. I can’t tell you what it was, but trust me it was super hard and we got it.


Then once that crazy scene is done, it’s super show time! Well, almost. They have to reset the room. I go in and they tell me what I’ll be doing and luckily I am ok with it. And man, talk about trust, not only me in them not making a shitty ending, but them trusting that I’d accept their ending.

They bring in the other actors and explain the scene. We do a dry run through just to get blocking. I save my voice and energy so I’m not really giving much in the rehearsals.

The first take didn’t quite end up where they wanted it so we do another.

After doing a really amazing one, I let them know that my voice has maybe one more take, but if we got it, I’d rather not do another one. They watch it and they are happy, everyone is happy!

We knew we had a pickup day to finish the confessionals, but we were basically wrapped! We broke out some Coronas, lots of hugs all around.

So yeah. Now they are doing a rough cut and we’ll be doing our confessionals based on which takes they use. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain my hair relatively close to what it was by the time we get back together.

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