Feature – General notes

April 8th, 2011 ~ 11:26 pm

So I finally documented the feature shoot. Sorry most of what I have here is vague, but there’s a certain amount of confidentiality we have to maintain. I wrote longer posts and hid them, so i can simply release them once I am allowed to, presumably after the film is released.

Random notes-

  • Wardrobe looked like Keri Russell and Makeup looked like a tattooed and pierced Courtney Cox. We all bonded talking about our cats.
  • Propmaster had a million corny jokes, which I loved.
  • I saw my first episodes of any Kardashian show and my first part of an episode of Jersey Shore watching TV in the Fort.
  • No one died drinking Angel Trumpet Tea.  No one actually tried to.
  • ‘From the Window, to the Walls’ was said/sung a surprising amount over the course of the shoot.
  • One of the producer’s wife was like 9 months pregnant while we were shooting, plus Danny’s wife had their baby a few weeks before we shot.  Apparently the DP’s baby was on set more than once and I missed it each time.
  • I forgot to ask anyone if I can mention their name here, so that’s why I’m calling people by their job titles.  Except Danny, but whatever.  It would be weird calling him my Husband since I’ve known him for some years.
  • I’m pretty excited to see some of the behind the scenes stuff they shot on the flip cam.
  • I would love to work with that crew again any time. They worked their asses off and were really fun and nice!

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