Dr. Bonesaw! Rad injury day.

August 8th, 2009 ~ 11:12 pm

I went over to Psychic Bunny to help out with this promo they were shooting to help get money for a low budget awesome horror flick called Dr. Bonesaw, inspired by a hilarious/sexy picture taken of Christine behind the scenes on The Echo Game a while ago.

So yeah, they want to actually make this movie. Delightful. When my friend and I showed up to help they asked if I wanted to get my head cut off and I said sure! So I played dead while they took a bone saw to my neck and squirted chocolatey blood all over. Messy, effective. We did 3 takes- the first the table shook and they weren’t getting enough splatter. I blinked when the table shook anyway. Then the second take I guess something went wrong with the tubing, but it also slooshed into my eye and I blinked. Plus it filled my ear. That’s a weird feeling. They cut that one short, which is good since chocolate syrup and corn syrup don’t belong in my ear.

Third time we got it all right and I didn’t blink. Yay! the blood started a bit early, but they can use the clip pretty early on. they won’t get the full blade coming down part is all. It lasted a little while so the actual blade, which wasn’t really a flesh cutting device, mind you, started scratching into my skin. Felt a bit like getting a tattoo. Still didn’t blink or flinch though. Yay! Best dead girl of the day. I got to see it and it’s hilariously bloody. Yay!

So now I have a bunch of welts on my shoulder/neck area, but oh well. They should heal up fine.


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  1. Alisha says:

    Awesome still! I saw it on Asa's facebook page.

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