Feature – Day 12, part 2

April 10th, 2011 ~ 9:34 pm

I got permission to talk about the awesome houses we saw:

So in the afternoon we meet up with the actor playing the Realtor, who turned out to be a Realtor in real life and found some freaking amazing locations. The first house was clearly owned by an older couple who maybe renovated it in the 60’s and never changed a thing since. Literally had orangey shag carpet in one bedroom, orange and brown wall paper in the kitchen, etc. There was one of those super old exercise bikes. The oven was also one of those old ones (O’keefe something?) but this one we couldn’t find the stove top on it. It was fascinating and weird.

The next house we went to was I think the ‘trap house.’ Guys. This house was AMAZING. And I don’t mean awesome. I mean the opposite of awesome, like you couldn’t have production designed it better for being a nasty-ass crack house. Every board int eh floors creak. The paint is peeling off the walls. Everything is filthy. There are old photos of these little girls, from the 80’s maybe, framed on some abandoned furniture. Int he corner of the front room there is a Santa Bear FROM 1987! Remember those bears? They have the year on their winter hat? Yeah! Just sitting in a little pile of junk in the corner. Guess how the bathroom looked- yep, super nasty. In a bedroom there was a large framed poster of some baby’s face hanging on the wall. That’s where they put their prop ‘Trap House’ sign. Really though, it didn’t need the sign to be certain it was a crack house. There was a stove in the back yard and a headless deer statue! A bust of Abe Lincoln! It was a treasure trove of fascinating random shit!
Guess how much you could snatch that baby up for…..
Like only about $250,000. Yeah. F@$&ing outrageous Socal real estate prices…

Anyway! Then we went to a nice house that was empty and normal, but on a busy annoying street. It was set up kind of funny though, where there would be an added on room behind another room. Not my style.


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