That time I pretended to be a British wizard

April 12th, 2011 ~ 4:42 pm

The other weekend I went down to Palos Verdes to shoot our segment of the Battle of Hogwarts Documentary.  I play one of the former students who took part in the battle in the woods.  Hilariously, I haven’t read the books and the last movie isn’t out until this summer.  I guess a bit got spoiled for me in my dialog, but whatever.  I will forget about it by the time the movie is out.

It was a perfectly British gray day and the woods down there were nice and green.  I think it will read pretty well for Scotland or wherever it’s supposed to be in magicland.  The trees get really twisted in certain areas and there is a stream that runs through it.  It was so lovely.  Now i know the perfect place if I want to do some nice light hiking this summer.  Good shade and not very steep ever.

The role had been broken up into two characters because they liked both me and this other guy for the part.  He was interviewed in the first half of our section and I did the end.  Hopefully my British accent sounds decent.  I guess it must have or I wouldn’t have been cast, but I get self conscious of it since I don’t use it much.  The other guy was more Irish and sounded really good.

In the end we were out in a big clearing, so the director will be able to put Hogwarts in the background at the horizon.  He does effects work, so it will be pretty easy for him.  I saw some of the stuff he’s done and it’s really charming and fun.  I think the short will turn out really well.  It was a fun, easy shoot and a pleasant little hike.  He is aiming to be finished around the time the last movie comes out in July I think.

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