Off Kilter

August 17th, 2009 ~ 12:04 am

Man, this weekend I was just really off. I think I’m out of the post filming depression that set in, but I’m still getting used to the rhythms of auditioning again. It’s starting to pick up a bit now, which is great because I hate being idle. This weekend was just so-so though.

Saturday I did a casting workshop and it was just ok. Not bad, but nothing to remember- which is the whole point. I didn’t really fit the character I was assigned, plus I’d seen someone else in the workshop perform it already last time he was there. So yeah, it was blah.

Then I had two ok auditions. Well, one got a callback, so that’s good. The other was fine. Then I had a party to host at home that afternoon so the rest of the day was shot for prepping Sunday’s audition.
Sunday I spent some time prepping the callback and before I knew it I had to go. So I was completely unprepared for the audition. It showed. Phoned that in. I felt bad about it, but what can you do? I misinterpreted all his adjustments. I could tell at the time, then made the mistake of clicking the link CAZT sends out and saw the comment, “Adjustments non existent…” (I don’t subscribe, so maybe he had nicer things to say later) I thought I adjusted, just totally wrong and lackluster all the way through. Bleh. At least my callback on the webseries was alright. But I just hate knowing when I do a shitty job. It hangs over my head like a bad odor all day. And I hate leaving people with an less than ideal impression of me.

So yeah, I gotta get back into doing my homework for real. It’s tough going from a big project to nothing again. At least I will have a play to work on this month.

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