Sirens of Point DOOM!

May 7th, 2011 ~ 11:27 pm

Ok, it’s actually spelled Dume, but we did play Sirens today! My friend got a couple ladies together and we went up to Malibu to do a photo shoot and a quick bit of video too. She found me a nice blue maxi dress since I didn’t really have anything in my wardrobe that worked.
We started with basically no makeup and softer looks. Then we did more dramatic makeup and more sinister shots. We climbed up on the rocks. Then the tide was coming in so we went down and stood int he water. Not as cold as we expected. Just regular cold.
We were losing light so she switched to video at the end. We were walking through the water as the waves came in. My skirt was a bit long, but i didn’t get knocked over by waves nor trip! Then her B.F. was the victim sailer down in the sand and he was a trooper- apparently there was some bug or something in the sand that was biting at him but he stayed put.

When we finished we sat and ate some crackers and cheese and wraps and had some wine. It was lovely. I’m super excited the see the pictures, especially the ones where we were climbing up on the rocks. I love climbing on rocks.

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