New character shots coming soon…

May 17th, 2011 ~ 9:18 pm

I did a fun headshot session with a photographer friend this weekend. One of my agents wanted something more extreme, but newer than my old ‘edgy’ shots. So we did one where I’m kind of a butch (maybe just androgynous with my face shape) lesbian and another where I’m super edgy, sexy, rock and roll.

They were like- sorry to try and type cast you with the short hair but… And I’m like, Type cast away! Whatever gets me auditions! Having a really gay shot will probably be really useful because it’s nice and specific. And then my ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’ looking shot seems a bit younger than I look in real life.

I got a few shots so far and they are great. She’s still widdling down the proofs, but I should get them soon and then i’ll post some.

I should also get those Sirens shots from her too. Those came out super good as well.

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