Leading Ladies DVD art photo shoot

May 19th, 2011 ~ 5:07 pm

Today Nikki and I went down to Manhattan beach to dress up in our Leading Ladies duds and get some shots taken for the DVD cover art. Markas had shipped our costumes and luckily they didn’t require any pressing because I don’t know when I’d have had time to do it. We were pressed for time because Nikki is going to Atlanta for 3 months starting next week so we had to do it this week.

Her cousin was available to help out with hair and makeup. We tried to get as close as we could to how we looked in the movie. It’s been 2 years, so I was just happy to still fit the pants. Not great, but I got them on. The hair took a while because Nikki needed an up do. But once we were shooting it was super fast. It was just some dancey poses, looking at each other, at camera. Since it’s still photography, the artist will be able to adjust everything to match the look of the film. He’s going to try giving me a pony tail, so as not to spoil the hair reveal. They were a bit concerned I’d look too masculine in the tux, but since we left off the jacket and it’s so frilly and pink, I think I’ll read as a girl. He said he can increase curves, etc. if need be. Mayhaps he can also reduce other curves!

It was fun and nice to see Nikki again. Oh, and the guy looked a bit like a younger Donal Logue from Terriers. He was cool and had a great portfolio. I link to his site up there ^.

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