Table Read

September 2nd, 2009 ~ 10:52 pm

I met up with the producers, writer, cast, etc. for the table read of the comedy pilot. The writer and exec. producer are a married couple. They are having someone else direct, but I don’t think they decided on one yet.

I think this is going to be a really fun experience. They want to have rehearsals with everyone so we can help shape the pilot and make it more natural- use improvisation to rewrite scenes that aren’t working, etc. They are originally from Kosovo, so English is a second language and he’s eager to work with all the actors on shaping it and making sure it flows for American television. I mean, they’ve been here for years, but it’s always a little different writing in another language.

It’s pretty awesome because I have a really great character to work with and I get to dive in and fill it out. They are both also actors and want this to be a really character driven show. The idea is fun and all the characters are unique and interesting. Plus the cast are great. There are a few holes to fill but most of the parts are cast. We’ll be shooting at the end of the month, so they have some time.

Pretty rad.

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