Final Delivery pick ups

June 26th, 2011 ~ 8:17 pm

No, I did not get a job as a delivery driver.  We had some pick up shots for the feature.  Just a day and half of shooting for me and Danny.  We had to do all the confessional style shots because they figured out exactly what they needed in the rough cut.  Plus some of the footage didn’t look the way they wanted it to.  This time we had much more concise bits of dialog.  We even got to look at the script!

It was a pretty hot day so by the late afternoon we were all sweating and tired, but we shot in order, so the more tired we felt it made sense in where we would be in the story.  I only had to go up to the 3rd bump, so I didn’t need the huge belly.

I think the only thing that sucked was that my contacts were super irritated all day.  I felt like I needed to take out my eyeballs and soak them in saline. I was pretty overdue in changing them anyway, and then I got makeup or something in my eyes so they were all scratchy all day.  I should have asked if there was any saline around and try and rinse them, but I kept thinking they would get better.  Plus I didn’t want to make my makeup run all down my face.  I figured it would give me a good level of tired look and discomfort for the later confessionals, so I just left them.  I put in new ones today.  So much better!

Today we did a bunch of cheesy b-roll footage for the Reality Show title sequence.  It’s kind of funny that we started the film shoot with all the happy stuff, then things get all scary, but then in the end out last shot is all super happy times again.

Hopefully they will put out a trailer fairly soon, now that shooting is finished. We only got to see maybe 5 minutes of rough footage yesterday and it looks great.  I can’t wait to get to see a cut of it, but it will probably be a few months.  Patience!

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