And you say to yourself, “Well, how did I get here?”

July 25th, 2011 ~ 11:21 pm

Last week, after planning another trip out of town, I got another ‘first’ TV audition. Luckily my trip was to San Diego ComicCon and I could leave whenever.

So I finally got my first real TV audition, and get this – it was for a series regular on a network show!  What!?  How did I get that?  Usually you’re not even called in for those until you have a bunch of guest star roles, and those you don’t get until you’ve done a bunch of co-stars.  But hey, I ain’t complainin’.  I’m also realistic in my expectations.

Really my intentions were to have the office like me, so even if they don’t see me as the regular cast member, maybe they will bring me in and book me on the small stuff as the series gets going.  I felt good and confident.  I performed as I saw the character.  I left happy with my work.  That’s all you can do.  It was a pre-read with the Casting Director, so it wasn’t taped or anything.  He picks the ones he likes and they go on to audition for the producers and stuff.  I didn’t hear back today, and although I have no idea how long they are doing the pre-reads,  I’m going to enjoy his little ego boost of getting in the room and then let it go.

I usually don’t blog about auditions.  I usually let auditions go once I leave the room, but this one is a little more exciting, so I figured I’d blog it.  It’s a new milestone for me.

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  1. db says:

    It’s ’cause you’re so awesome in Leading Ladies! 😉

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