Lazy September

September 21st, 2009 ~ 7:03 pm

This month has been uneventful acting-wise. I finished the play and I booked then left the pilot project. Other than that I’m just doing casting workshops. I took the month off class. I think I needed a time-out. Not only that but I started a medication and the effects are unpredictable day-to-day. Already canceled one audition due to nausea. I haven’t been submitting too much. I’m having trouble finding motivation to audition for stuff that doesn’t excite me. I guess I have enough footage for a reel (need to update that soon) so I don’t really need to go out for everything. Today I went to an audition, and I was just so blah. I still felt sick, wasn’t off book. Bleh. I think it’s time to bail on this prescription so I can get back to normal and start really working again.

I have been really enjoying the workshops though. The group is talented and the guests usually bring in fun stuff to work with. Next month may be pretty uneventful as well since I have bridesmaid stuff most weekends in San Diego. But I’ll be back in class and hopefully on a medication that doesn’t make me sick. 🙂

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