New IMDB credit

October 4th, 2009 ~ 9:46 pm

The Night Life is up on IMDB now, my 12th credit on there. My current ‘star meter’ is 23,421, a record high for me! Bitchin’! You can’t actually see the numbers unless you have a subscription, but that’s what those % things are they list on every page. It has something to do with the number of users that click on your page per week, but I don’t know if they use other factors.

In case you are wondering how it works, I can update my page info (pictures, background, etc.), but I can’t add projects on the site. Producers/directors/what have you have to do that, so if a producer puts something up, you get a new credit. I don’t know the criteria for posting a project on the site. I think a short has to have been in at least one festival and a web series has to have a certain number of views, but there may be other rules too. I could be mistake though, this is through things I heard from people.

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