Screamfest and the L.A. Cinema Fest of Hollywood

October 19th, 2011 ~ 8:49 pm

Last week I went to the screening of Still Beating at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood (in Sherman Oaks). The prior screenings at the theater had both gone over their time, so our start time was pushed pretty far back. The schedule was 9:45pm, but we didn’t start until about 10:15. There was one short in front of ours about a grifter lady. Then it was ours. The director wasn’t totally sure if the festival people had received the finished copy since they hadn’t confirmed it and it was accepted on a work-in-progress version. Luckily it seemed they did have the correct copy since my scream was in there. It had to be added later because it was just too late to be screaming when we shot that scene. The audience responded well and it got some good laughs. It’s a very dark comedy. I was really happy with how it turned out.

After the shorts they played a feature, which I found to be poor planning on the festival’s part since it was a weeknight, but then my bedtime is at like midnight, so maybe I’m just a square. The film was called The Mudman and it was really interesting. I can’t say it would be most people’s cup of tea, but I was really intrigued by it, especially as an acting study since most of the characters can’t speak. Everyone in it was great. I knew two of the actresses – Tonya Kay I met at the Leading Ladies audition and Maria Olsen I met at the screening of Life Between Interviews because she was also in that, though we didn’t have a scene together. They are both very talented ladies.

After the film finished they handed out some awards because The Mudman won a bunch. It was very well done. Then the moderator asked a bunch of questions to everyone up there. I didn’t go up but I did answer a question from my seat- if my tattoo was real. 🙂 The whole thing lasted until about 1am! Luckily my boyfriend was driving because I was up past my bedtime.

We didn’t stay to grab pictures. They had set up the backdrop in the theater itself, which also compounded the delays, so you couldn’t get it done out in the lobby while you were waiting. By the time everything was over I wasn’t really in picture mode.
Then last night I went to the screening of The Night Caller which was at Screamfest at Hollywood and Highland. I think that’s the biggest I’ve ever seen my face because there are some extreme close-ups. The film was great though. It looked awesome and the sound was solid. The theater had it turned up pretty high so all the rings of the phone were extra jolting. I rewatched it this evening online and the sound is much more normal.

I decided I didn’t want another 1am finish, so I left after our short. I felt bad, but I didn’t have the energy.

I chatted with the DP and producer afterward for a bit. The DP made an astute observation that for the most part everything looked really good but it probably could have used more makeup. I totally concurred. The producer was a bit confused because it’s not like we looked bad, but I pointed out the the level of makeup (I just did my own) wasn’t up to par with the level of production design. Like everything else felt really specific and my makeup wasn’t as thorough. It’s not necessarily more “done-up,” per se, but just a higher quality of coverage. Anyway, I just thought it was interesting. Makeup artists are important. I do not have professional grade cosmetics nor skills. But all things considered, my skin looked fine. It was just clearly very light makeup on.

Anyway! Here’s a pic from that night. (there were multiple cameras so we were never all looking at just one.)

And after the premier they posted the whole short on Vimeo!
Don’t worry, it’s just suspense, not gore.

The Night Caller from Peter and Donna on Vimeo.

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