Busy Bee

October 11th, 2009 ~ 10:30 pm

So much for October being really light. I’ve already had 2 shoots this last week and have two more later this month. Woo!

Earlier this week I did a demo with Psychic Bunny/Lead Balloon for a prototype camera rig designed by Social Animal. I’m not allowed to really describe it because it’s proprietary and such. But it’s pretty rad. The scene was basically a mini murder mystery at a party with a bunch of little conversations that take place at the same time. We had to rehearse a bunch so we all had our timing the same each take. The rig was moved 2 more times so the timing of everything had to be pretty close so any movie the user watches will see the same scene from each angle. It was pretty cool and everyone kept really on task so we got done close to on time. Yay us! I’m excited to try it out when it’s all set up.

The other shoot was a PSA for the American Red Cross. They had a bunch of different types of people. We had a script, a list of blood types and then got to list 5 things that describe what we are. I picked ‘an optimist,’ ‘a programmer,’ ‘an animator,’ ‘colorblind,’ and ‘a problem solver.’ Later I thought of another one- ‘anemic’ – since I’ve never actually given blood before. Sort of hypocritical to be ina PSA asking others to do it, but I do give money since I can’t give blood. Maybe I could. Sometimes my hemoglobin count is up to 12 (the minimum last I checked), but usually it’s below that. I think I’ve had 2 tests that high in like 10 years. So it’s not like I just won’t give blood. It’s just that I have crummy blood to give. The shoot was really fun and quick though. Not sure what it’s going to be used for. But if you see a PSA for them, see if you spot me.

I ended up leaving my boots there because I brought extra outfits and took the boots out of my bag to set down. Oops! Gotta pick those up Tuesday.

The other stuff I have this month is a short for Azusa Pacific University this coming Sunday and an internet viral thing where I’ll tell a bunch of raunchy jokes. I don’t have to come up with them. They give me a list, which is good because I don’t know a ton of jokes. I forget stuff a lot.

Then I also have a shoot in November with a Columbia College student I met on Crimson Asylum.

Busy again!

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