Death & Jane

October 18th, 2009 ~ 10:34 pm

Today I went up to Azusa to shoot a short for Azusa Pacific University. It’s a small role, but fun. I play Death’s office manager. We had a rad tracking shot all through the office. Took a while to get it just right, but I think we got it on the 10th take. I loooove tracking shots. They are hard to do, but they look so awesome. Then we did a few other shots and we were done. Not even an 8 hour day. Most of the characters had effects makeup or some other gimmick. I wasn’t in charge of any deadly thing, but I still got crazy makeup. It’s going to be a really cool shot in a really sweet little film. I really liked the script and the guy playing Death was perfect.

Unrelated to that, I ended up skipping an audition this morning because I don’t audition in private homes. Even super huge nice ones. Sorry. Pretty strict policy. I’m sure they were legit and all, I just have to draw a line somewhere. Oh well.

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