Jokeyphone Raw

October 22nd, 2009 ~ 2:03 pm

This morning I went to a shoot at Jokeyphone‘s offices. I was going to shoot it the other evening, but another audition (for a TV show, so I didn’t want to bail) kept me way over. There was no way I was going to get to Santa Monica on time. I felt really bad. I was frantically texting and emailing them to figure out if I should come late or reschedule or what. They said it was fine and told me to come in today. It worked out fine.
They gave me a list of jokes to tell. It was fast and fun. They were laughing, so I guess my delivery was good. 🙂 The ones I told were pretty tame, just moderately offensive. I only nixed one light racist joke because I can’t pull it off. Ha ha. I had a few sexist ones, a couple incest ones, some fat jokes, etc. He said some people brought in some crazy sick ones though. I never remember jokes, so I just used my list.

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