Black Dawn on TV update

October 22nd, 2009 ~ 2:50 pm

From the producer/director:

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update on the TV broadcast — we are officially on the schedule to premiere nationwide, through the AMGTV network, next Wednesday evening, October 28. AMGTV provides programming to over 100 stations around the country, although not all of the stations will necessarily air the series. Unfortunately, our local LA affiliate is one of the stations not playing the show.

But many people across the nation — including, I’m sure, many of your friends and family — should be able to tune in and watch “The Black Dawn” on TV next Wednesday. Just have them check their local TV listings. The best (most complete) online guide I’ve found is — a lot of others (like don’t have all the stations listed. The series is being broadcast simultaneously to all stations, so that means it’s playing at different times in different time zones. It will play at 8 pm & midnight Eastern, 7 pm & 11 pm Central, 6 pm & 10 pm Mountain, and 5 pm & 9 pm Pacific time. Each episode is being played twice in the same evening.

While this first release really is just a small, trial run, our distributor is already working on a deal to air the series in Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. After that, we also hope to bring it back to the States for a larger run on a cable network.

Pretty exciting for everyone involved. Plus this will help them fund more series in the future.

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