Dapper Cadaver Catalog Shoot

November 20th, 2011 ~ 8:49 pm

A friend of mine owns a horror prop house and they are updating their catalog.   I guess they used to just do all straight forward shots of the items, but it was hard to tell scale, so they started using models a few years ago.  I haven’t been able to do any of their past shoots, but I was free today.   I drove through the torrential downpour, at one point panicking after driving through the deepest puddle I’ve ever driven through.  But my car was fine.

There was a pretty good turn out considering the weather.  Like 6 or 7 girls I think.  It was fun to see what the other girls brought to wear.  Some were super sexy and some were vintage.  Some had wigs.  I brought all my brightest colored dresses with fun accessories and then styled my hair in different ways.   I modeled with a big fossil looking slab, a giant alligator skull, a cemetery gate, a pin-head skull, an embalming machine, some sledge hammers,  candelabras, lanterns, etc.  It was great.  They will probably email me when they have some pictures I can post or link to.

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