Mr. Blackwood, in the Library, with the 18th century knife

November 16th, 2009 ~ 11:12 am

I got stabbed in the library yesterday. Woo! We had to do a bit of kissing, which, as I’ve mentioned before, is my least favorite thing to do, but whatever, it’s not like it was making out. Then I taped the antique (seriously) knife handle to my stomach, added blood, and voila! Stabbed! it went quickly and I wrapped early. It was funny, I had to go all the way upstairs and back down with a bloody shirt because the layout of that place is as inconvenient as possible, so you go up then down again to find a bathroom. (Not sure how handicapped folk get there since there are only stairs to the bathroom, yet they have handicap stalls. I’m guess there is a lift hidden somewhere.) The director was concerned so he had me cover it with a towel, which was good since it was still wet and sticky anyway. So that was a wrap on Cutlery. I’m excited to get a copy because I have kind of goofy glasses and am all buttoned up. Plus I need some short hair footage for my reel. Everything I have right now is from before Leading Ladies.

I have one more student project booked this month. We shoot in her class next Wednesday. Hopefully we’ll finish early so I can get back to the office for our office Thanksgiving!

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