Oranges in the Garden – weekend 1

March 1st, 2012 ~ 11:08 pm

This past weekend I worked on a short film for some USC grad students.  It’s a drama about a woman trying to decide if she should be a surrogate mother or not.   When I arrived in the neighborhood there were 4 large production trucks and Tow-zone signs.  No, they were not there for us, but it was sort of funny.  Also I still found decent parking .

The house we were at was basically my dream house.  It wasn’t some huge fancy place, but it was a good size, and all their furniture was just so tasteful and nice.  They had a tub with feet!  And a kitchen island! And their yard was huge and felt like a little park.  Ah, I admit I was jealous.

We shot outside and it was sunny and nice all day.  We kept having to shift where i was sitting so I’d catch the sun through the trees.  The theme of the day was chasing the sun.  There was a point where we kept moving backward a couple inches every few minutes while they would raise the camera up to try and catch the setting sun.  Finally they ran out of tripod height.

It started to get cold at night, but I didn’t get one of my coldness tension headaches!  Yay!  It was a really pleasant day because I got to pretend to garden in this awesome yard.  And we could go inside between set ups when it got cold.  also the food was great.  And we wrapped early too.


Sunday was at the same place.  We had a pickup from the day before due to a technical issue, and then we had some down time while we waited for nightfall.  The Oscars were on, so we caught most of that.  I also got a bunch of writing done before then.

When the sun went down we tried a really complicated dolly with a rack focus and special practical effect outside.  It’s more complex than it sounds.  I don’t know if we got it, but eventually we had to move on and take a buck up shot.

At one point the doorbell rang and it was a guy from the big production, which apparently had their video village on the other side of the fence and they could hear them setting up outside.  He stuck around and told his crew it would be like 15 minutes or so.  After we got the take, he radio’d back to them.  So really it didn’t seem like either production interfered with the other much.  A bit later we could hear them outside, but there wasn’t dialogue in our scene, so it wasn’t bad.  That’s the first time I’ve been on a set with another production next door.

Oh, there was a random bunny that hopped through the yard.  It was probably an escaped pet because it ate out of my hand.  It was dirty, but seemed well fed at least.  It hopped away after eating a few carrots.  Hope it is ok out there.

We shoot again this weekend.  There is a dream sequence and the rest of the interiors.

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