O in the G – weekend 2

March 5th, 2012 ~ 9:47 pm

This weekend was the remaining shoot for Oranges in the Garden.

Saturday I just barely managed to make it on time since I had workshop, then an audition that ran a bit later than expected.  We were at a new location.  Another awesome house with a gorgeous tiered back yard.  There were 3 or 4 levels with stacked stone retaining walls and in the middle level there was a huge orange tree just overflowing with oranges and blossoms.  You could just smell them all day anywhere in the yard.  So pretty! It was also so totally perfect to be the setting for the dream sequence since the actual yard is flat and this was terraced.  It creates this surreal version of the characters’ yard.

While they were still setting up and us actors were finishing getting our makeup, a fellow who lives in the guest house comes out and asks, “How much longer will you guys be here?”  All day, sir.  All day and into the night.  He was none too pleased, but we had permission from the homeowners, so…  I kind of almost felt bad for him.  Like, if he didn’t want to be around strangers near his place, he could have gone to a friend’s place to hang out or something.  Instead he decided to stay home and passive-aggressively turn up his TV and music really loud for like 10 hours straight.  Jokes on you, sad guy; we had almost no dialogue for you to ruin!  And really if you want us out faster, maybe be super quiet so we don’t have to retake things due to bad sound.  Just a thought.  After initially stomping about for a bit, we didn’t actually see him again at all that evening.

The girl who plays my sister was there and we look super alike!  Like we could really be sisters.  It was kind of amazing.  Her and I shot a bunch of stuff while the other actor waited.  He was studying a million lines for an upcoming play (No Exit) so he kept busy.  Then it was his turn.  His costume was awesome and creepy like Dr. Frankenstein.  I didn’t go watch him shooting.  I want to wait and see it in the finished film.

Once again we ran into problems with practical effects being a jerk and blowing in the wrong direction no matter where they pointed the fog machine.  And then it would be perfect in between takes when we tried it.  Murphy’s law.But either way all that footage is going to look awesome.  There were lots of little lights and mirrors and extreme lighting.  We even did one slow-mo shot toward the end which should be rad.

My costume was basically a piece of shimmering brown fabric made into a toga-like dress.  It actually looked like a real dress, if not for the very bottom where it was still uneven, but up top it draped really nice.  I was even able to leave part of it pinned in place to take off and put back on the next night.

Unfortunately time ran out that night so the other actress would have to come back on Sunday night.


On Sunday we were back at the first location (A.K.A. my dream house). We had a much later call time since it was all in the evening and night time.  The first stuff was indoors and made to look like morning.  I got to spend a good part of the day laying around in a big awesome bed.

After we finished all the indoor stuff we had just barely enough hard drive space to finish the dream stuff from the day before.  (They are given only a certain amount of space to work with to teach them how to conserve time and “film”, which is a really important skill on a set.)

We had the coverage for the other actress and another new shot that was changed to simplify a planned shot we missed.  Since it’s a dream and we hadn’t seen what was behind her yet, they were able to fake it at this yard.  Then I was made to look like a tree at the end.  She literally stapled the fabric on me (to itself, not my skin).  It seemed like they ended up getting everything they really needed.

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